UltraFlex Mattress- Reviews
Comfortable Mattress at Affordable Price!
I purchased the UltraFlex Evoke in Queen size and I found it very comfortable. I have back pain and this mattress is firm and helps me sleep better. I definitely recommend the UltraFlexMattress Evoke mattress to anyone who is looking for a firm mattress. It comes in a convenient box and perfect to put in your car to bring home. Thank you for your excellent customer service and product. I will definitely recommend my family and friends to buy from you.
UltraFlex Mattress Review- 51
Marco R., Montreal, Quebec
July 15, 2022
Kids Love your Mattress
We recently purchased a bunk bed and decided to purchase mattresses from The quality is super good. We ordered UltraFlexInspire Mattress and wow it is super comfortable for my kids. We bought double mattress. We will order a twin mattress soon. Thank you
UltraFlex Mattress Review- 137
Bibi R., Dartmouth, NS
April 11, 2021
Mattress for Top Bunk Bed!
Spoke with customer service and they were very helpful. They suggested a thinner mattress for the upper bunk bed! The price of the mattress was also reasonably affordable. Delivery was also very quick. I ordered it on Friday and received it on Monday!! Didn't take long to set it up and now my son is having very good sleep each night. Thanks for your help and helping me find an appropriate mattress for the bunk bed. Cheers.
UltraFlex Mattress Review- 56
Lisa C., Toronto, Ontario
March 4, 2015
Excellent Customer Service
Thank you for your excellent customer service! I really love my new mattress and find it super comfortable. I seriously recommend UltraFlex Glory to anyone who loves Pocket Coil mattresses! So comfy
UltraFlex Mattress Review- 81
Gurbinder S., Mississauga, Ontario
April 16, 2015
UltraFlex Lush Mattress in Queen Size
this mattress is just so comfortable. I was a bit skeptical about purchasing a mattress with memory foam and pocket coils but you can't even feel the pocket coils. the memory foam is just so comfortable and helps me feel cooler at night time. they even had bamboo material on the mattress which helped me with regulating my body temperature. Lush mattress is just so "Lush". your mattress has helped me sleep better at night time.
UltraFlex Mattress Review- 99
Irena Y., Georgetown, Ontario
April 18, 2015
Loving my New Mattress!!!!
I purchased my new mattress and really love it. I recommend the Ultraflex Glory Mattress to anyone who is looking for a pocket coil mattress. The height is 10" which was perfect for my platform bed. I have been getting great nights sleep and the mattress has a very nice bamboo material which is soft to touch. Thank you for your prompt delivery and friendly customer service.
UltraFlex Mattress Review- 206
Tyler D., Red Deer, Alberta
May 6, 2015
Returning Customer
Been with for some time now. I own few cottages and I am a frequent mattress buyer from these guys! If you are going to spend your money on a good mattress but stay on a budget, look into UltraFlex Glory mattress. I found the height of the mattress really good for my business. Thanks guys! you will be hearing back from me for another order.
UltraFlex Mattress Review- 79
Cody B., Bracebridge, Ontario
July 28, 2015
Best Memory Foam Mattress
The absolute best mattresses are locally made by I purchased the UltraFlex Pleasure Mattress and super comfortable. Can't ask for a better mattress. Great service guys
UltraFlex Mattress Review- 219
Beverly K., Kelowna, BC
January 5, 2022
Great Support and Ease of Movement
Any Sleeper should find they are able to switch positions fairly easily on the UltraFlex Euphoria Mattress. The memory foam has 4 inches and 10 inches of pocket coil. The memory foam contributed to resilience of preventing me from feeling stuck in the bed. I would recommend this mattress to anyone who is looking for a mattress that is super cushiony yet has the medium firmness. has great prices and service to go with it.
UltraFlex Mattress Review- 52
Lee T., Saskatoon, SK
February 25, 2022
Great Pressure Relief and Comfortable
I'm really happy that I have found a mattress that is comfortable and great for pressure relief. I am a deep sleeper and most times I don't move and sleep on my side. I'm glad I no longer wake up with sore arms or legs. recommended me that I look into a Memory Foam Mattress. So I looked into UltraFlex Eternity Mattress and since then I have had great sleep. Thank you
UltraFlex Mattress Review- 53
Raymond A., Moose Jaw, SK
March 11, 2022
exceptional customer service
Anyone looking for mattresses go to They have many mattresses but they knew exactly what I wanted and I am happy to say the mattress is very comfortable and price wise is very affordable. If anyone is looking for quality and affordability along with a great customer service go to
UltraFlex Mattress Review- 86
Manisha C., Oakville, Ontario
March 13, 2022
Unbelievable Price for a Comfortable Mattress
I have been suffering from back pain for awhile and came across some of mattresses. I decided to purchase Ultraflex Infinity Mattress and found it very comfortable for my back issue. It's not too soft and not to firm which was perfect for me. I have pain sometimes as I sometimes sleep on one side and feel pain next day. Since I have been sleeping on this mattress I have been very lucky! is the mattress store I recommend to anyone. Prices are very affordable and delivery turn around time is very quick. Was surprised to receive my mattress in few days.
UltraFlex Mattress Review- 54
Monica S., Calgary, Alberta
May 9, 2015
Wow! Awesome Price for the Mattress we Purchased!$!
Can't compare the price of the mattress we paid for! We were looking for a mattress on a tight budget and we came across The prices are very competitive and the quality is just comfortable and the material used which is bamboo is actually helpful for body temp. Customer service was very knowledgeable and helped me with selecting an appropriate mattress for comfort and affordability. Will recommend to all my friends and family. We have family members getting married and will need new mattresses. Thanks again for your wonderful and relaxing service!
UltraFlex Mattress Review- 97
Martha S., Paradise, NL
February 8, 2022
Good Quality Mattress
We purchased UltraFlex Majestic Mattress and found it super comfortable. We prefer Memory Foam mattress as this is something we always found comfortable to sleep on. It has a cooling gel and it keeps us feeling cool. Thanks again We will definitely purchase another mattress soon.
UltraFlex Mattress Review- 149
Rajiv M., Niagara Falls, Ontario
March 25, 2022
Very nice mattress
I like this mattress.
UltraFlex Mattress Review- 172
Paz M., Thornhill, ON
April 6, 2022
Best Mattress Purchase
I purchased a mattress in a box from and it was worth my purchase. The mattress is UltraFlexEssence and I used it for guest bed and so far they said it was comfortable. Good choice and price was very cheap. Thank you It was worth coming to you for a mattress
UltraFlex Mattress Review- 237
Marek A., Calgary, AB
May 12, 2022
Super Friendly Team and Follow up Calls!
Been sleeping well on my new mattress! helped me choose which mattress to purchase and took extra time to explain what each mattress is. They are a super friendly team and made sure shipping out my mattress went smoothly from confirming my mattress was shipped out to how the decompression process went when we opened up the mattress. Thank you and keep up the great service!
UltraFlex Mattress Review- 221
Irene C., Sudbury, ON
February 22, 2022
Mattress is Terrific
The mattress is terrific & we love the pillows! Highly recommend them to family & friends.
UltraFlex Mattress Review- 55
Clint B., Regina, SK
March 8, 2022
Better Sleep Than Before!!!!!!!!!!!
We both sleep so much more than before! I sleep straight through to the morning. We love our mattress and have been recommending it to everyone! Thanks Always looking for for better sleep!
UltraFlex Mattress Review- 57
Heather T., Orillia, Ontario
January 1, 2021
Side Sleeper and no Longer Get Hip Pain!
I've had my foam mattress for about 6 months and love it. I'm a side sleeper and no longer get hip pain. I purchased UltraFlexPleasure mattress and it is a really comfortable mattress. I have never been so happy.
UltraFlex Mattress Review- 64
Anna Z., Brandon, MB
February 1, 2022
Thank you for your professionalism and good quality of mattress
thank you for your professionalism and quality of mattress. I have been sleeping much better and don't have body pain anymore.
UltraFlex Mattress Review- 112
Anita S.
March 21, 2022
Speedy Delivery and Quality Mattress
Speedy delivery. We recieved the UltraFlex Harmony mattress in few days. Very comfortable in ideal firmness for us. This is our first UltraFlex Harmony and we find it value for money. I recommend to anyone who is looking for quality mattress.
UltraFlex Mattress Review- 58
Judy D., Prince George, BC
April 17, 2022
Really love my new mattress
I am so happy to finally find the best and comfortable mattress. With back issues, this mattress really helped me. UltraFlexGlory mattress has been a real change for me. Thanks!!
UltraFlex Mattress Review- 239
Preeti M., Brampton, ON
May 29, 2022