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How To Set Up Your UltraFlex Mattress in a Box?
Just follow these instructions and start enjoying your UltraFlex without delay!
UltraFlex Mattress- Simple Mattress Unpacking Guide
UltraFlex Mattress- Mattress Delivery
Mattress In A Box Revolution
After Your Order Has Been Placed, We Arrange The Shipment For You

Your UltraFlexMattress will be delivered right to your front door. The mattress comes compressed and professional packed in a easy to manage box.

UltraFlex Mattress-Remove Mattress from Box
Quick And Easy Set Up

Step 1: Open the box.

UltraFlex Mattress- Rolled up Mattress
Place Mattress On Bed Or Where You Like To Expand In Shape!

Step 2: Keeping the mattress wrapped, pull the mattress out of the box and slide it onto the surface of your bed frame.

UltraFlex Mattress- Remove Mattress Packaging
Keeping The Mattress On The Surface Of Your Bed

Step 3: Proceed with caution! Using a pair of scissors, carefully cut the first layer of plastic, being careful not to cut into the foam of your mattress.
Step 4: Repeat, removing the second layer of plastic around your mattress.

UltraFlex Mattress- Unroll Mattress
Watch The Process In Action!

Step 5: Unroll your mattress. It’ll still be compressed tightly and folded in half.
Step 6: Unfold the mattress and while it’s still compressed and in its third layer of plastic arrange it on your bed frame or platform. If there is plastic there. (Don’t open it yet! it’s easier to position correctly when it’s still compressed and in the plastic.)
Step 7: Once positioned, carefully cut away the final layer of plastic around the perimeter. Pull the plastic out. Instantly, the mattress will begin to expand, decompress and fill with air.

Comfortable and Ergonomic Design

UltraFlex Mattress- Unpacked Mattress
The Right Mattress for Better Sleep

Instructions for your New Mattress with Key Pointers to Remember:

Here are some key pointers with your new Mattress in a Box:
Once the mattress has been removed from its packaging, help air flow through your mattress by rolling or walking on it.
Remember, your mattress has been vacuum-packed prior to reaching you.
A little bit of movement will encourage tiny air pockets to open and expand.
Most times, keeping the room a little warmer will also encourage the mattress molecules to move around and undergo thermal expansion. If using air conditioning, this may slow the process down for the mattress to undergo expansion. This will be helpful with warmer temperature.
Steam will also work by helping the edges and corners recover. It is the similar concept for warming up the entire room for the mattress to expand. Using a steamer to concentrate heat over the certain areas can encourage mattress to complete the expansion.
Give the mattress some time to expand. Because the mattress coils were compressed, it does take some time to recover.